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Thread: Technics SL-150, what cartridge?

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    Default Technics SL-150, what cartridge?

    just finished my SL-150 project and now Im looking for budget mc-cartridge for AT1010 arm.
    Im considering three options.
    Audio Technica AT-F7
    Denon DL-103
    Ortofon Quintet Red

    Any opinions?
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    Hana El, EH, Sl or SH.

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    Or, if you can stretch to it, the Goldring Eroica LX. It's a vibrant and musical sounding MC and rather a bargain at its price. Below the radar for most, but very capable.
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    Denon by a country mile. Or an AT33 PTG. I have both of these cartridges and both are great performers and work with a multitude of tonearms.
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