Hi All,

Well after the success of our first Boys Toys Day a couple of years ago, in collaboration with PMC Speakers, where we put my 2 passions and many of our customers passions of Cars and HiFi into one day, well it now time for Boys Toys Day II :-)

The first BTD was so much fun and I always wanted to do another one but was always a little nervous as that was the perfect day, we had a brilliant turnout, everyone had a great time and the weather was really good to us + the system PMC put together sounded epic, how could we possibly compete with that, well I think we may have just done it as we have something very special lined up for this years event, how does the chance of listening to a £300,000 system sound?

As part of our expansion we recently became dealers for dCS and Wilson Audio and what with dCS only being up the road and recently having just finished their new state of the art demo room it seemed like a match made in heaven and the seeds were sown for Boys Toys Day II who dCS and Absolute Sounds (The UK dCS and Wilson Audio Distributor among other highend brands) were really keen to support, so a big thanks to those guys.

So for those who missed the first event, what does the day entail? basically it is a chance to get your car out for a drive and hear one of the finest audio systems in the world, the idea is that if you have a sports car or any car of interest then please come along to HiFi Lounge from 9am where we will have the BBQ running for breakfast bacon and sausage rolls and will have a mini car meet then around 11am we will head up to dCS in Cambridgeshire for an afternoon listening to a very special HiFi System + factory tour.

dCS Vivaldi System

I will announce more details over the next weeks but this is really a headsup so that you put July 22nd in your calendar and even if you havenít got an interesting car you are more than welcome to come along, especially if you are interested in hearing the HiFi System that will consist of a full dCS Vivaldi stack, Wilson Alexx Speakers driven by Dan D'Agostino amps and a full Transparent wiring Loom, this really is an amazing opportunity and is a system I really canít wait to hear myself :-)

Lotus Cars are my other passion and will be represented on the day by Lotus Silverstone, my very friendly Lotus dealer :-) who will be on hand to chat and answer any questions you may have, I have actually just bought an iconic Lotus from the 80ís that I should be receiving next week so as long as the old Lotus acronym doesnít come true then I look forward to bringing that on the day.

So all we need now is the weather to be on our side and we will have a great day, the only thing I ask is that if you think you can make it along could you please mail me at paul@hifilounge.co.uk so know how many people we can expect and the car you will be bringing, if any, and in particular if you want to listen to the HiFi System as the dCS demo room is optimised to give the best audio reproduction but can only fit a few people in at a time so we need a good idea of numbers here so please mail me with the 3 below answers -

1, Are you planning on attending?

2, What car are you brining, if any?

3, Do You Want to Listen to a £300,000 HiFi System?

More details to follow as I have them, please find links below to the everyone who is supporting the event.





Please find a few picture below from the last Boys Toys Day + some of the epic HiFi we will be demonstrating.

Collage of cars from the First event.

dCS Vivaldi Stack, The Worlds Best Digital Front End.

Wilson Alexx Speakers, Quite Amazing!

Dan D'Agostino Power Amplification, Beautiful.

Many thanks and looking forward to seeing you on July 22nd.