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Thread: Something old, something new.......

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    I'm Al.

    Default Something old, something new.......

    I'm, "old" and, "new" to this site, that is. Don't like to borrow, but do love the Blues. Firmly believe that electrons perform much better, when modulated through a vacuum(rather than silicon). Cary mono mains, Transnova 9505 woofer amp, Magnepans, transmission line woofers, VPI TT, Maggie arm, BAT VK-D5, TacT RCS 2.2X(a radical departure from my prior straight-wire-with-gain philosophy). Everything's been modded, usually starting with the power supply. OH, and- HELLO!

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Al. Welcome to AOS.

    That's an interesting selection of equipment you have. If you like modding and DIY, you could feature any projects you are working on in the Drawing Board section. I'm sure they'd be of interest.

    Have a look around the site and feel free to join in any chat that interests you.

    Enjoy the forum,
    Mr. Tact!

    Main system: MMs/ADCs/Low output MC's/One rare Japanese SUT/One scarce British phono stage/various tonearms/hefty Japanese DD TT and hefty Japanese BD TT and small British BD TT. 4 CD players/2 jitter buster/2 DACs/Valve buffer. TVC stepped attenuator or valve pre-amp or solid state pre-amp. Current dumping power-amp or either of two Class A SS power-amp or Class A EL34 valve monos or big Japanese (part Class A) integrated. Big dual concentric speakers/Smaller dual concentric speakers/Two way British compacts and full range speakers, amongst others. And too much more to list!

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