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Thread: Fm radio- forgotten source?

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    I'm Martin.


    Yes I have a roof aerial and FM is lovely.

    I have five FM tuners and just listen to Radio 3 and 4 on FM.

    I am a bit confused about how long FM will last or I would look for the very best tuners. I have two Creeks 3040 / 3140 an Arcam Alpha 1, a Denon 260 and a Marantz 6000. I keep an eye on the Db signal reading on the Marantz and its just interesting to compare these budget tuners.

    I have a fetish for big vintage tuners but havent got room for them.

    I admire the Quad FM4 with the focus to label just a few presets with BBC lettering. I never neded more than a few presets I live the sound and simpicity of the Creek 3040

    Best wishes
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    I'm martin.

    Default Fm radio - forgiven source

    Yes Ron Smith died a few years back his engineers travelled miles installing the Galaxy 17. His son George runs it now but doesn't carry out installations.

    I bought a Naim 101 with Snaps new in 1988 I have a rotator on the aerial and I get got reception.



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