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Thread: Newbie to "T.A.O.S."

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    I'm Jeff.

    Cool Newbie to "T.A.O.S."

    Good day, fellow audiophiliacs,
    My name is Jeff but am known by user name "Mooncrikit" on all of the audio sites. I mainly listen to contemporary smooth jazz and classic rock mixed with Motown and some oldies. My system as I would imagine is similar to most of yours....continually evolving and getting more expensive in the process. Currently it is comprised of an Oppo 105D, a Sim Audio Moon NEO 380D and a Timbre Dac, Genesis Time Lense, Decware Zbox tube buffer, full Sonos system, Melos SHA- Gold Reference MKII preamp, Datasat LS-10 Pre/Pro, Threshold SA-1 Mono amps and Wells Audio Innamorata Signature stereo amp. Power conditioners are BPT-10.5 Ultra, Empower 2100, Kemp Power Source, Running Springs Haley, Quantum RT-800 EMI Conditioner, AER/IPC Sound Power Conditioner, speakers are a pair of SELAH Tempesta monitors and LEGACY Aeris full rangers. Cabling..ah cabling, lets just say if I were to pile just a small portion of the cabling in my collection on top of my head, I could be mistaken as the Medusa, albeit alot nicer and not poisonous. My tweak collection consists of a lot of Bybee RCA plugs & AC filters, Quantum Symphony Pro X-2, Crystal Cable BV Bridge, Synergistic FEQ & Galileo Universal RCA interconnect cells, High Fidelity Magnetic RCA adapters, Audio Magic clarifiers and ground disruptor, various spikes & footers, just too much more to mention...and I thank you kindly for the warm reception...Jeff

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    I'm Martin.


    Hi Jeff Wecome to AOS

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Jeff. Welcome to AOS.

    Interesting selection of equipemnt you have there. Any plans for changes or additions?

    Take a look around the site, I'm sure you'll find plenty to interest you.

    Feel free to join in the chat.

    Enjoy the forum,
    Mr. Tact!

    "when common sense, logic and plausibility are ruled out. All that remain are lies and foolishness"

    Gear: MMs/ADCs/Low output MC's/One rare Japanese SUT/one scarce British phono stage/various tonearms/two hefty Japanese DD TT's/hefty Japanese BD TT/smaller Japanese BD TT and small British BD TT. One CD transport/3 CD players/2 jitter buster/2 DACs/Valve buffer. One MD deck. One tuner. Two TVC pre-amps/two valve pre-amps/solid state pre-amp/passive pre-amp. Current dumping power-amp or either of two Class A SS power-amp or Class A EL34 valve monos or big Japanese (part Class A) integrated. Big dual concentric speakers/Smaller dual concentric speakers/two way British compacts and full range speakers, amongst others. And too much more to list!

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