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    I'm eliot.

    Default Hello

    Finally decided to join up after lurking for a while.

    So, as is the custom, a little bit about me, HIFI and music. Like most i would imagine, been heavily into music from my early teens and grew up listening to my father's Stones and Zeppelin albums before buying the first of my own albums (GNR AFD and Iron Maiden Live after Death) which i then played, pretty much on a loop until i left school. This was all on my father's system, a Linn Sondek, Quad pre-power amps and Misson tower speakers (i think 7 something). It sounded great, but was never loud enough for me and in retrospect i suspect the amp wasn't a great match for 8 Ohm towers.

    Once i'd left school, got a job and retreated to my bedroom whenever i was in in the house as teenager's do, i got given my uncle's old Celestion standmounts and toddled off to Tottenham Court road, and the Richer Sounds outlet to buy my very own kit, ending up with a NAD turntable, Arcam CD player (CD's being the new thing) and a Cambridge A1 amp. I was a happy boy for a year or so until i decided to go travelling and sold it all to a mate for pennies.

    A few years rolled buy and when i'd finished messing around travelling, settled down a bit and bought a house, i decided it was time to get some more Hifi stuff, and as my father had drummed into me that Linn and Quad made the best kit money could buy, i got hold of a second hand Linn Classik / LK85 combo and some B+W DM 602 speakers (i just thought they looked brilliant) thinking i had the best system in the world and loved listening to it.

    Then one day, for seemingly no reason whatsoever, i decided i could do better, sold it all and hunted around for something else. By this time the internet had appeared, i'd learned a bit more about other mid-high end brands and with them being just down the road, decided Meridian was the stuff for me, so in the sales, bought a G08.2, G02, G56 combo unheard. Boy was that a big mistake. Compared to the Linn system, this system sounded Airy, but thin and lifeless with no body. Maybe it was the speakers i thought, as all the reviews i can find reckon it's brilliant kit, so i bought a pair of ProAc studio 110's. This gave me a highly detailed (though in my view pretty weedy sounding) system so i bought a nice cheap Sudden Audition C amp which beefed things up a bit and i was happy again.

    We then moved to a house with a bit more listening space so i decided to look around for some floor standers, settling on a pair of Epos Elan 30's and didn't even get to set them up as the day after they arrived, on another (non Hifi) forum i frequent a pair of mint Tannoy Turnberry's turned up for sale. They were like no speaker i'd ever seen before and i fell in love with the look of them instantly, dug around on the web to find that people loved them and they'd work wonderfully with pretty much any amp so i bought them, hooked them into the system and quite frankly was not at all impressed. They sounded ok at low volume, but at anything approaching decent volumes for heavy rock / metal, they just sounded awful and seem to clip massively.

    Swapping between the Meridian and Sugden amps didn't seem to help. So i got the Epos' out and hooked up to the Sudden in particular they sounded much, much better than the Tannoys. So much so that i just couldn't believe Tannoy had the brass neck to sell these things for the price they do. However, as i'd never really been happy with the Meridian kit and suspected it wasn't capable of putting out anything like the 100w it claimed, i started looking around on the net to try and determine what might be wrong, finding this place in the process and in particular one thread that seemed to address my problem. What i needed was power, proper power, and proper current. So that's what i got, and traded the pre-power combo in against a Parasound Halo integrated. Well, problem solved, the Parasound transformed the Tannoys, now i was hearing huge scale, clarity, and a proper soundstage, the louder they went, the better they sounded and they just kept on going to volumes that i simply couldn't listen to comfortably, whilst maintaining all the qualities mentioned previously. I also packed up the G08.2 which i now decided was too shrill for my liking and picked up a 2nd hand Unico CD player, which again in my view is a beautiful sounding thing and bought myself a Clearaudio concept TT but to be honest i'm struggling to get into vinyl again.

    So now i'm back in love with my system once more and have developed a full blown love affair with my Tannoys, although i'm still bugged by the thought that other better Tannoys exist and maybe i should re-mortgage the house / sell some body parts for a set of Canterbury GR's.

    In terms of music, my tastes have expanded a little and i now listen to all sorts indie, rock, metal, electronic and have recently discovered the Radiodread OK computer re-imagining which has in turn led me to discover Jamaican Dub which sounds so spectacular through the Tannoys that i sometimes wonder if i'm buying music just to hear the system perform rather than because i'm seriously into the music, although i will say, if you've never heard Metallica's Black album at ear splitting volumes through some Turberrys you should do, it feels like you're having your chest caved in :-)

    So thanks AOS for setting me straight on powering the Tannoys and i'm looking forward to hanging around a bit and getting involved.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hi Eliot. Welcome to AOS.

    Glad you've decided to 'join the fray' as it were. This is a fun and friendly place as I'm sure you've seen.

    Your journey with the Tannoys is interesting. Yes, they can be rather particular about amplification. The cleaner the better and a bit of power behind them doesn't hurt either. The Turnberry is a well liked model.

    Anyway, join in any chat that interests you, there's plenty going on. If you want to ask questions, you can always start your own thread in the appropriate section.

    Enjoy the forum,

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    I'm Grant.


    Welcome Elliot. Hope you enjoy the forum... excellent intro by way
    Grant ....

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: democracy simply-doesn't-work
    .... ..... ...... ...... ................... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....

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    I'm Martin.


    Welcome enjoy AOS

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    I'm eliot.


    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I understand the forum likes photos, so here's my modest setup, photographed badly. Ignore the lovely matt gold rack, it only cost a pound and nobody ever normally sees it apart from me ;-)

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    I'm Rob.


    Hi Eliot, nice intro.
    Buy Bose...And get your parking validated!.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Just had a tinker with your photo Eliot and enhanced it a bit for you. System looks good.

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