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Thread: unlucky!

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    I'm jamie.


    sorry i wasn't ignoring you,i just forget to reply,i will pm you his number he's based in farnborough so not excatly south coast but worth the trip if you value your stuff.
    My System/ Yamaha NS1000M speakers ,Pioneer PLC-590 turntable,Pioneer PA-5000,Alphason HR-100S-MCS,Zeta tonearms,Denon 103SA Cartridge's,Denon HA-500 Head Amp, John Wood KT88 Valve Amp,Sony 700ES Amp,Sony X555ES CD Player, Nakamichi ca5 pre amp ,

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    I'm Loz.


    Overly sensitive it was then Jamie .
    Thanks for the reply. Yeah a bit out of the way but often worth it for a good one.



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