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    I'm Eddie.

    Default Hello

    Hi all,

    Been a spy of the great knowledge on here for a long time but never posted, so here's the mandatory first post.

    I have been a serial box swapper over the years but gravitated to some equipment I find I like. Big fan of ProAc speakers to mention one name. Prefer the drive and clarity of solid state amplifiers as well in general but I'll admit tubes sound glorious.

    It's a digital front end for me, but I still love a good FM radio reception. However, all my media is going more and more in the way of streaming as time goes on.

    As I'm pretty content with my two channel nonsense my latest swapping obsession seems to be subwoofers, and just getting them to enhance my overall experience without spoiling it.

    Music interested are I love everything, from punk to country to classical, not much love for opera but that's it. Everything else gets equal love, but probably rock being number one.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Eddie. Welcome to AOS.

    Glad to see you joining in. Tell us what equipment you're using.

    If you know your way around, you'll have seen there's a lot to get involved in, so get stuck in and have a chat with the folks here.

    Enjoy the forum,

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