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Thread: New old boy on the block

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    I'm Gavin.

    Default New old boy on the block

    Hello All,

    Glad to come aboard. Looking forward to chatting with members. A brief history of me....I've been enjoying music (and hifi) for over 50 years. I like most types of music but tend to listen mainly to classical and opera. I loved the big bands in the late 50's, then the great pop scene of the 60's. In the 70's I really got into classical. I find it sad that so many people say they don't like classical music. Mostly it's because they've never listened to it. It takes a little bit of work but once it clicks, then you're there.
    Hifi has been interesting over the years. My first serious amp was an Armstrong 521, then a Sugden A48. From then on I've lost track of how many changes of amps, speakers etc. All been good fun though. My present system is a Project Debut deck with Audio Technica AT150SA cartridge, Creek Destiny2 amplifier, Ruark Accolade speakers, Onkyo CD player, and a wonderful little 30 year old Leak tuner which I picked up for 15.
    Look forward to being a member of AoS.

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    I'm Brian.


    Welcome Gavin , nice system you have there . I must admit I''m one of those who has never '' clicked '' with classical music . Probably lack of effort as you say . I've always been a '' must try harder '' kinda guy

    There are plenty of classical music fans here , so enjoy the forum sir

    Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment . (Rumi )

    Korus Computer Audio music server .
    DAC 3 French DAC
    Amplifier : Rega Brio R
    Speakers : Tannoy 637
    Interconnects : MS Audio / Klotz MC5000 .
    Speaker cables : Chord Epic Twin

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Gavin. Welcome to AOS.

    Interesting selection of equipment you have there. Creek amplifiers are great.

    Tell us what future plans you may have if any for your system.

    Please feel free to join in any chat that appeals to you.

    Enjoy the forum,

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    Join Date: Jun 2017

    Location: Dumfriesshire

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    I'm Gavin.


    Hi Brian/Geoff,
    Your systems looks pretty cool as well. I once had a pair of Tannoy Berkeleys which (pre ebay) I sold for 300. Now they go for 1500.
    I listen mainly to vinyl and I'm reminded of a thread I looked at some time ago regarding why a soft vinyl record wears out a diamond stylus. The thread decided that it was the impact as the stylus hit the record. Wrong answer. You probably already know but there may be some members who don't so....This is all about atoms. Everything on this planet is made up of what we choose to call atoms. The more atoms in a rock like material, the harder it is. Every time a material makes contact with another material, atoms are disturbed and destroyed. A diamond stylus after several hundred hours has lost enough atoms to alter its shape. The record also loses atoms of course and will eventually wear. Other examples... stainless steel razor on your soft face. Brass door plate worn down by dusters, and so on. There, as Michael Caine would say 'not many people know that'!

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