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Thread: What gave you the biggest sound upgrade Equipment Supports or Cables?

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    I'm alain.

    Default What gave you the biggest sound upgrade Equipment Supports or Cables?

    I've been steadily upgrading my system infrastructure with new cables and connectors and also with new equipment supports. Most have given me an upgrade in sound quality I was happy with and one or two changed the sound quality but not in a way I thought was 'better'.

    Probably the biggest upgrades were improving the room acoustics by adding a rug between the speakers and my listening position and some cushions to act as bass traps in the room corners behind the speakers. With stone stone floor tiles and bare plaster walls it was echo nightmare when I first moved in and did no favours to the SQ.

    After room acoustics the biggest step up in SQ was using Soundcare Superspikes on my speaker stands (floor end) and under my system support (an oak sideboard). Using them under the actual speakers changed the SQ but not in a better way.

    The next biggest step ups came in upgrading my RA Yello mains cable connectors from the standard brass to copper IECs and to Silver plated mains plugs. An oak mains block distributor by HiFi in Touch made another significant SQ improvement.

    Before the upgrades the SQ was harsh and artificial. Now it is much more natural and detailed.

    What improvements made the biggest difference for you?
    Marantz HD AMP 1, Marantz HD CD1 both on Oak Cone feet, Dynaudio Emit M10 speakers on Norstone Stylum Stands with Soundcare Superspikes.
    HiFi in Touch Oak distribution block, RA Mains powerkord 100, RA Yello with Wattgate IECs and MCRU Ag plated mains plugs, Atlas Ascent Ultra digital coax, TQ Ultra Blue speaker cable

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    Never did a direct comparison between cables and supports, but....

    I have both plus items like a Coherent mains socket, Creaktiv racks, Townshend speaker stands, granite placemats on anything that will take it and recently an Audio Magic mains conditioner.

    Put all in together and the sum of the parts is always bigger than each individual item.

    Confess I have done little with room acoustics
    Technics 1210, MCRU Linear PSU, Mike New Bearing & Platter, Stillpoints LP1 weight, Speedy Steve Ebony armboard, Fidelity Research FR64FX arm, Ortofon SPU. LP12/Aro/Lyra Dorian, Aurorasound VIDA Phono Pre Amp, Ortofon ST80SE SUT, Rega Isis CD, Marigo Labs Clear Transformation CD mat, Belles VT-01 MK II Pre Amp, Belles MB200 Mono Power Amps, TAD E1 speakers. Creaktiv racks, Mains Cables: Coherent, MCRU Ultimate, Interconnects : Coherent and Yannis 223.5 Connect Litz, TQ. Coherent speaker cable. Audio Magic Transcendence Conditioner. Coherent socket


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    I'm very sceptical about such things but this changed when I started experimenting with bamboo. My 3 turntables now live on spiked chopping boards. Quite a decent improvement in SQ for the small outlay.
    SS CD Teac VRDS25X(Mega Modded) DAC Caiman SEG+Anker PSU DECK 1210 Mat Analog Studio Crystal Mods MN Base/Bearing/Platter+Ebony arm Board Feet Isonoe PSU Paul Hynes SR7EHD-27XL/DCSXL Ag DC lead/Jaeger(low-impedance) connector/3 StageRegs/Recapped PCB+No Pitch/Strobe/Light ARM SME V(Kondo Ag Rewire&Tags) MC Cadenza Black CABLES Arm Yannis SPD-4 IC Yannis 222 Litz+Ag bullets Power WAR PRE ATC SCA2 SPEAKERS ATC 50ASL STANDS Atacama PHONO Sugden Masterclass PA4 SUT Ortofon ST80SE POWER PSAudio P10

    Valve PRECroft Epoch(Mega Modded) AMP Sondex S100 SPEAKERS Tannoy 15"MG+RFC Warwick cabs+ Reference XO DECK Garrard301 MatTeunto GunMetal Bearing SPH Plinth Moldovan Arm SME 3009/3012(Ikeda Ag wired) PSU No9 MCAg Meister SPU CABLES Arm Yannis 420.5 Litz+ Speaker3mm2Ag IC Oyaide FTVS-510 AgWBT 0110Ag Phonostage Paradise/EAR 3009 Clone (Telefunken)

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