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Thread: The mains Thing !!!

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    Angry The mains Thing !!!

    Got to admit to being a bit fed up with power supplies and headphone amps that hum like a b.....d! How come that you can buy such things costing a not inconsiderable amount of money only to be told by their designers/manufacturer/distributor that it's all down to you mains? Mains shcmains! wtf!!! What makes this questionable is when you dig out of the loft some of your old inexpensive kit with the same voltage ratings and they are quiet as a church mouse. Starting to become cynical about so many things. Phono stages are another. With the exception of one or two, the best i have heard have been the ones on board a pre-amps/amps. Most recently we played Rich Britton's Arcam kit with on board phono stage along with a Rega TT and Ortofon MM. The sound of this combo was A+.
    Just fed up of being told that i have DC on my mains or the voltage in my house is too high when i have had it checked and it is within tolerance. What isn't within tolerance is my ability to listen to further excuses. I should not have to consider buying transformers/conditioners or any other such device for my expensive hi-fi gear to work without an annoying hum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Floyddroid View Post
    Got to admit to being a bit fed up with power supplies and headphone amps that hum like a b.....d!
    Is that mechanical/acoustic noise from the transformer or hum through the speakers? You're right - a well-made, potted transformer shouldn't make any mechanical noise unless it's really being abused. Hum through the speakers is an entirely different problem.

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    Which kit is it that's causing problems?

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    My mains is less than perfect.

    Used to have a PS Audio P10 now an Audio Magic purifier everything else plugs into

    I have DC on my mains. I now have a DC blocker that works.
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