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Thread: Sony X55ES CD Player?

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    Default Sony X55ES CD Player?

    Good, bad or ugly?

    I've had this from the 90's (IIRC), and it's always worked fine. Open the drawer, pop a CD in, close the drawer, press play, and the CD plays.

    I've never really had anything else to compare it against, so I've no idea whether it's recognised as being decent, just another Sony model that was around briefly, or not recognised at all.

    I have a possible opportunity to replace it with a Marantz KI Pearl Lite, about which I'm similarly ignorant.

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    Go for the Marantz! That is a fine CD player there. I had a Sony 608ES, it was a great player, but a few years ago it got to skipping, and sensitive to scratches, etc. after 29 years of service. I figured the laser was going bad, as they do. But a replacement laser head was $800! And were all salvaged from old decks. So, I figured it was time for a new player.

    Now, I didn't buy a Marantz, but a few years earlier I bought a Marantz for my daughter. It wasn't near the Ki Pearl model! But a nice unit and I hooked it up beside my Sony and it was much better! Smoother, while having more detail. So I can only imagine the Pearl would be an even better sounding model, you can't loose on that deal! Upgrade to the Pearl, and sell the Sony while it's still working. IMHO

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    X55ES is quite highly regarded in its price range, if not ultimately.

    Marantz tend to have quite a different presentation to Sonys. It might appeal, it might not.

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    Why can't you have both? At least until you decide which to keep?

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    I'd stay with the Sony but am biased these days. I like the early Marantz players, pre bitstream.
    If you decide the Sony must go I'm within easy reach of Norfolk.

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