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Thread: Wanted: Mike New Bearing

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    Default Wanted: Mike New Bearing

    It looks like the Mike New Bearing production has been suspended until there are a few more orders in the que. i am impatient and would very much like to i stall one while my 1200 is apart. If you have one laying around that hasn't been installed yet, please let me know!

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    You could always try an ianmac one, drop him a pm to see if he has any in stock 😉

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mille162 View Post
    i am impatient
    Looks like you'll need to be patient.
    You could remove the existing bearing, put a rubber O ring at the bottom of the well, and then refit the original bearing again (assuming that the bearing isn't knackered).
    The O ring need to be big enough to contact the bottom of the bearing well and the underside of the bearing case itself.
    It's possibly the most cost effective modification you can make.

    Best of luck on finding a MNB.

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    From Mike's site:

    I have had another set of bearings manufactured which are ready for immediate dispatch. You can order yours online from this page.
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