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Thread: Well, where do we go from here ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by walpurgis View Post
    For those who may be unaware. The trough and paddle from a Rock can be used on just about any turntable if you fit it carefully. I've seen this done (can't recall what turntable it was though ). The trough & paddle do come up for sale once in a while.
    yes on mine its just 1 allen bolt that holds it on,drill a hole in your plinth or stick down and you've got instant damping

    Quote Originally Posted by Boyse6748 View Post
    Hi Jamie, I can't really make an expert recommendation for an external power supply having only ever used a Merlin. If you could find one, it will possibly cost more than you paid for the deck.
    My only suggestion would be to drop Max Townsend an email and see if he can supply motor type/ Voltage/ load, etc and then take it from there.
    Obviously, there are others on this forum that could advise (Arkless) on matters electrical.
    I know that the Merlin for the Rock 7 is still available from Townsend but is a whooping 2,225 but even so, I doubt it will be compatible with the Rock II motor.

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    cheers peter,i will give him a call .
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    Can't help but think that the best possible upgrade would be to lose the cabinet, replace with a HiFi rack, bit of room treatment in the corners & maybe behind the speakers, and let the speakers breathe more given the space limitations. No new cartridge, new amps etc. will come close to this upgrade IMHO!
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