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Thread: Surge Protectors

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    Default Surge Protectors

    Any one had any problems with their equipment when using a surge protector power strip? Are they in common use or best to be avoided? Thanks

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    I'm Geoff.


    Some of my equipment is fed through a surge protector. Can't say I've noticed any issues, with or without it.
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    Yes, I had a weird issue with my Amazon Fire TV Stick. When plugged into a surge suppressor it went into a painfully slow 'low power mode', plugged it directly into the wall, and all good. I think the Amazon stick might do a current testing check & the surge protector interfered with that, or made it fail the test.
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    Usual "surge protector" is a MOV device stuffed inside a fabrique en Chine power strip.
    A V inexpensive coin sized ceramic coated thing
    Not something that would safeguard ones' gear in anything beyond a catastrophic event.
    Dunno about avoiding them though.. as Any protection is better than Zero.
    Although in MY part of the world Power surges that are 'recorded' by the Powerutility ..
    (typically are ) the Power utility pays for gear replacement /repairs.. usually.
    Last ditch safety net.. Not really something one should Bank on though.
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