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Thread: RCA LEADS?

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    Default RCA LEADS?

    Bit cheeky but has anyone some decent phono leads going spare for sale? I usually buy budget chords, but fancy an upgrade for my soon to be delivered Musical Fidelity a3cr Poweramp. Please pm me. Thanks

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    PM incoming

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    Your timing is excellent. Just discovered a trove of interconnects and speaker cable I thought I had lost ages ago. No longer needed as I have switched to XLR cables.

    The interconnects are all 1m in length and comprise 2 Chord Co cables, 1 Ixos, and 1 Chorus Straightwire.

    PM me if you haven't yet found what you need.

    I also found a long run of original QED (79 strand?) black speaker cable. I think it runs to 2 lengths of just over 8m each.


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