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Thread: How nice is this tonearm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco View Post
    No disagreement there - and also far nicer looking/better sounding than any modern SME!

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    No, not really......

    Here is the thing back in the day the HR100 S was good, but the SME 4 and 5 were in my opinion better tonearms. I remember it well and the other Alphason arms.... well they were ok, but the 100 was the best they did and sounded good on a Sonata, but off that the SME's in my view were better sounding. I know many folks disagree but I have a pretty good memory and it was an SME I wanted back then not a 100s. I did plenty of listening as well, I was one of the turntable builders and set up guys back then in a shop that sold all of those brands and more, so set them up multiple times.
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    Each to his own, muchacho. You obviously dig SMEs, which is cool. I don't like any of their designs featuring the use of magnesium armtubes.

    For me, once you've successfully 'tuned into' their distinctive (over-damped) sonic signature, and dislike it, you can hear it no matter what turntable they're fitted to. SME's J-shaped stainless-steel arms, to my ears, give music more 'life'.

    Therefore, the only arms of theirs I rate are the vintage 3009 and 3012 (preferably with SPUs on the end) and the current M2-9 and 12R. The rest, you can keep!

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