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Thread: Backing up music files to the cloud

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    Default Backing up music files to the cloud

    I run a HTPC as my server with two copies of my music on external hdds. I see a lot of people like to use cloud services such as Crashplan or Carbonite for backing up a library.

    Are these two services better than using your average cloud storage provider? I've been thinking about using either Pcloud (prices are good) or Amazon (unlimited storage for 55).

    What services if any are you people using besides backing up to NAS/external hdds?

    If I go with the Amazon service, it has the added benefit of direct streaming from it with Bubble upnp directly to my music streamer should I decide to not use the pc.

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    I think the biggest issue with cloud storage is your internet upload speed, it took me a couple of hours to copy my music files to a external hard drive, I dread to think how long it would have taken to copy them to the cloud with my very slow upload speed. (less then 1 Mbit/sec).

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    Tell me about it! The initial upload would probably take weeks to do, however if you ran the service on a NAS that was on 24/7 you wouldn't really notice it...

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    Really like the idea of Amazon one. love to know what they mean by unlimited though.. I have 300 blu rays I am currently ripping that's going to chew roughly 9tb, alongside the 3tb of dvd rips and 1.5tb of music I have (haven't started ripping single artists yet!) are amazon really going to let me upload 13tb ish? Yes, would take an age to upload but I can deal with that.

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    Judging by what I've read on other forums, Yes! Unlimited means just that.

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    I've been using Crashplan for a few years now. Currently at about 2.1 tb (mixture of music, pictures and personal stuff). Initial upload of course takes time - but well worth it.

    Also use Crashplan free on several computers (one in Sydney Oz) to backup to my server (which then gets backed up to Crashplan Central).

    At times I have had to restore specific files/folders - worked perfectly.

    I'm paranoid about security so use encryption - with super strong key.

    Tried other cloud backup services, Crashplan was just the most easy to use and robust. One service I tried failed miserably with restore simply not working (the company said something must have been wrong with how I did things - which was an outright lie).

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    It'd probably be easier to buy another HDD (or HDDs) and just post it to someone or stick it in a safety deposit box, then either add to it every so often, or buy a USB stick every few months and use that. Unless you have a true fibre connection, uploading TB's will be pretty impractical.

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