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Thread: Irdac 2 suddenly playing dsd 256

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    I'm Terry.

    Default Irdac 2 suddenly playing dsd 256

    Hi all
    I noticed something strange.
    After selecting my arcam driver. It allowed me to play dsd 256.
    This is unusual as it never allowed me to select 256.

    I didn't realise it at the time but it was playing at dsd 256.

    Thing is the irdac only allows 64 128.

    Why would this play?
    Driver also informs me 11289600hz.

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    Is it DOP?
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    I'm Terry.


    i have no idea if its playing dop
    iam using hqplayer has well as jriver/
    i f select 256 in any of those players, it plays? looking at the irdac specs its 64 128.

    i did notice that playing 256 sounded a little better, no idea why. driver info says playing at 11..... 256.
    to use dop you would need to tell the driver to use it. which iam not

    i noticed in hqplayer the cpu peaks at 20% with 256 where as 128 12%.

    i have just set jriver to 4x native dac

    and it players ok sound about 2 db lower than 128, jriver tells me no changes being made playing at 11.3.


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