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Thread: Wanted - cheap 5m pair speaker cable

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    Default Wanted - cheap 5m pair speaker cable

    I want to do a bit of experimenting with speaker positioning and need a 5m pair of basic linear crystal oxygen free speaker cables to play with, bare ended is fine. Something flat is better. My Townshend Isoldas are only 3m!

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    I'm danilo.


    Suggest a 10 Meter.. 10 Gauge!.. extension cord of the type tradesmen use for their power tools.
    Cut in half, bare the wire ends.. and yer good to go.
    Crystal Oxy wires (that are not merely a retrofitted Label) though... and it's best see your Banker And your Audiologist.. first.
    My audio bits: Thorens / diy phono, CD/dvd player(s), diy pre, F6, Tannoy Golds in my boxes / my xovers, and of course all strung together with basic diy Wires
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