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Thread: DVDs Poorly Manufactured Off Centre.....Drive Wear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minstrel SE View Post
    Yeah I will make a magnetic bearing NOT which leaves option B with my fine grade wet and dry paper.
    So don't Far easier to do nothing rather than address the problem
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    Its not that. I dont really understand what you are getting at in terms of balancing them or whether its worth my time. Ive just had another rough edged disc which spins ok without vibration.

    Maybe the original example is cut off centre.

    I dont want to sound anal over this and maybe nobody else is that bothered. I dont particularly want the drive in two machines sounding like a lawnmower with a bad disc. It was cheap enough to put it down to experience

    If it happens again with a boxset for example, I will be sending it back.

    All the best
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    If it is a rare problem, I agree there is no sense in getting excited about fixing it. And like the device I mentioned that trues a disk, if the center is off, balancing the disk will not make the "groove" concentric.

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