The twenty5 series is the culmination of twenty five years of research, building on the good work done by the critically acclaimed PMC Twenty series, the twenty5 series takes further steps in delivering a finely tuned and transparent speaker performance capable of revealing musicís subtlest shades and deeply emotional details.

Head of Design Oliver Thomas applied aerodynamic principles he had discovered in his previous employment in Formula One to ATL, creating an even smoother, laminar airflow at the exit from the transmission line. ATL designs involve air moving at high speeds and under pressure, and Oliver showed that reducing turbulence and drag at the ATL vent reduces resistance, increases efficiency, eliminates air noise and provides bass with supreme timing and the ultimate dynamic range.

PMC Twenty5 Ex Demo Prices:

PMC Twenty5 21 - RRP: £1869 - Ex Demo: £1495 - Save: £375
PMC Twenty5 22 - RRP: £2449 - Ex Demo: £1959 - Save: £490
PMC Twenty5 23 - RRP: £2969 - Ex Demo: £2449 - Save: £520
PMC Twenty5 24 - RRP: £4249 - Ex Demo: £3399 - Save: £850

For more information about the PMC Twenty5 series call us on 01482 223096 or email

Trade In
Of course, at Fanthorpes we love to trade in, so if you want to trade in your existing HiFi against PMC Twenty5 series, contact us and we will let you know what it is worth as a trade in.

Finance Available
We can also offer buy now pay later on PMC Speakers, allowing you to spread or defer your payments over a year.