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Thread: Chris Cornell RIP

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    I'm availableforweddingsAndBarmitzvas.

    Default Chris Cornell RIP

    I have hifi n stuff.

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    I'm Chris.


    No one sings like you anymore...
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    I'm Ian.


    R,I.P. Spoonman
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    I'm givingyouaprettygoodclue.


    One of the great rock voices of the past 30 years, and a great way with writing a melody for use at full power. Audioslave's "Wide Awake" gets me every time. Far too young. RIP.


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    I'm Dan.


    Suicide by hanging
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    I'm Loz.


    Very, very tragic and so sad. I was very lucky to have met and interviewed Soundgarden before a gig in 1991 at the Irish Centre in Birmingham. I was a very shy 23 year old who probably looked like a Rabbit caught in headlights faced with the prospect of conducting an interview. They all turned out to be really lovely, charming people paricularly Chris Cornell and Kim Thayil who were really kind and helped put me at ease. The band were a powerhouse that night. Something else.

    Such a sad loss. RIP Chris Cornell.
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    I'm Dan.


    I loved Soundgarden and never got to see them live. Absolutely gutted.

    I've been listening to their discography all weekend, as well as his excellent first solo record 'Euphoria Morning'

    I reckon 'The Day I Tried To Live' is one of my favourite rock songs of all time

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