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Thread: Trentemoller - The Last Resort

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    Default Trentemoller - The Last Resort

    I have just listened to this album on CD in its entirety and am currently very impressed. As a short summary, this album is electronic with some real instruments played over the mix. There is a stunning cracked, distorted bass guitar and a rather gorgeous celeste along with others which make for a slightly different sound taking this away from the norm of electronica. Yes OK, so the bulk of this album is programmed in a digital audio workstation such as Cubase or FL Studio both of which are quite popular in Europe at the moment but there is the extra twist of real instruments as well. The general theme here is a nice soft synth sound with some really nice high frequency twists and some very deep sturdy low frequency stuff which I can only appreciate to a point using the small bass drivers in my B&W's. I guess to get a true representation you'd really need a good pair of 15 inch drivers along with some serious current. The low frequencies here are very low.

    This album puts me in mind of 'A Long Way To Fall' by Ulrich Schnauss but is an altogether more professional sounding piece of music as I find the Schnauss piece very slightly amateurish. This album is a lot more tight and together and slightly more aggressive and less flowery. I really do like this album of electronic music and am looking forward to listening to it again preferably late at night with all of the curtains closed and with no distractions. The phenomenal stereo imaging on this recording will then be able to shine through.
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    I'd forgotten about Trentemøller. I listened to this a few times when it came out and remember liking it little but was more taken with his slightly later release 'The Trentemøller Chronicles' which was a bit more '3am Techno' as I remember it, and more what I liked at that point in time. A nice reminder to give The Last Resort another listen I reckon. Thanks.
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    Will give that a listen Shaun, thanks for the heads up.
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