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Thread: FS: WLM Diva monitors in zebrano finish

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    Quote Originally Posted by farflungstar View Post
    The fact that there are a million xpats living successful lives who might end up back in the UK living off the state, never mind the upheaval and distress this would cause doesn't seem to matter to Ms May.

    I heard the speech from Junker (God knows how you spell his name) - basically People/Payment/Trade, in that order - so humanity first. The response from May Payment/Trade/People, so humanity last. I'm ashamed of my country - and I never thought I'd say that.

    Anyway - back to the original post..

    Lovely speakers, but has WLM gone out of business?
    Yep I'm also ashamed for my country and all the shit for brains bigots who ruined everything and will probably now compound their damage by voting for tory scum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkless Electronics View Post
    tory scum.
    Anybody would think you didn't like them Jez!
    Mr. Tact!

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    It was a misinformed vote, the toffs deliberately pushing the buttons of the working classes who lack the gumption to pursue a life with study or skill acquisition IMO, and now May will push very hard and upset the EU.

    But I am hoping it is s strategy, and that she will get us such a bad deal that there will be public outcry.
    She can then say, (dominating parent) "Well this is what you wanted isn't it?"

    She could be being strategic. Just maybe, with enough outcry, (and boy are we going to see our living standards drop now), she will then ask if we want another vote.

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    Keep in mind this is a for sale thread
    Regards Neil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkless Electronics View Post
    Yep I'm also ashamed for my country and all the shit for brains bigots who ruined everything and will probably now compound their damage by voting for tory scum.
    That's what happens when you let people vote. It's called democracy.

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    Mike I have a question about the divas - you say they run from 32hz but I read it's 55hz - which is the correct figure?
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    The WLM spec sheet quotes it as 32 Hz – 25 kHz. I presume that's correct. Demo available to anyone interested who can travel to Stafford.

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    32 hz is with the optional semi active diva control in circuit (looks like a version of the kef kube to me), more on that in the review linked in the first post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RothwellAudio View Post
    Isn't unemployment in Spain much higher than in the UK?
    Yep, and suffering economic malaise as across half the EU, due to their dogmatic pursuit of political, economic and monetary union against all common sense.

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    Beautiful looking speakers.


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