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Thread: What is cheapest good interconnect ?

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    I'm Craig.



    Surprised nobody has mentioned them.
    Squeezebox Touch. Beresford Caiman Mk 2 DAC . Kavent SP310 and stupidly heavy torroidal thing. Usher CP 6371, Mains Cables From RA & Krystal Kables. Klotz MC 5000/MS plugs, Talk Cable 3
    Belkin mains conditioner.

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    I'm James.


    Quote Originally Posted by icehockeyboy View Post

    Surprised nobody has mentioned them.
    I'm using some klotz that Brian on here made, excellent, I mentioned the van Damme one as the op wanted cheap and good, not that Brian s klotz are pricey
    cambridge audio azur 651w power amp, novafidelity x40 music server/pre/dac, wharfedale diamond 10.1[suprisingly good]
    , van damme blue series interconnects, van damme studio blue 4mm speaker cable, klotz mc 5000 ,klotz silver hybrid, thanks Brian, fisual hollywood optical cable,, pioneer bdp170, akg k 550

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