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Thread: Interesting and actually Clever speaker design

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    Quote Originally Posted by YNWaN View Post
    We did exactly that a few years ago with a student - worked very well. There's not much point putting the port in the top section though.
    Using a student is an even better idea than a breeze block, they are everywhere and inexpensive. I'd have liked to insert a reflex port into the one in front of me in the queue in the shop last night, buying 2.30 of 'munchies' and paying on his debit card.

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    C'mon .. LOOK at the animated gif
    There you can see that the rear panel has a recess section
    Thereby creating a Slot port betwixt lower concrete chamber and the top one.. Where the external port is located.
    The designers are clearly Not idjits.
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    Quote Originally Posted by walpurgis View Post
    I have all sorts of ideas for speakers. I've built around fifty pairs in the past. One thought that keeps crossing my mind, is a minimal energy storage full range horn. Built using a wire frame covered in hard doped paper. The whole enclosure maybe weighing a couple of kilos without driver. It may sound daft, but the principle has been used successfuly in the past.
    Speaker enclosures of 1" thick DOW insulation Foam. Very fast to build and of minimal costs. Ideal for testing one's designs.
    Surprising bit is that the things sound Good! Wayyy better than idle speculation would infer.
    Putting serious doubts into the "What Enclosure Material" Teapot tempest.

    There is a fellow who makes / sells Exquisite Tractrix Horns out of Paper mache on his cnc molds.
    Not inexpensive though

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    Oh yes, routed out on the inside of the back panel.

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