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Thread: Record Treatments, Pro and Con

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    Quote Originally Posted by magiccarpetride View Post
    My dealer was trying to convince me to shell out $70 for LAST. I did a bit of snooping around and read that some are noticing how LAST rolls off some high frequencies. But then others chime in claiming how what gets rolled off are high end distortions, which you notice missing after the treatment and conclude that the highs are gone.

    Now you come with the opposite claim -- that it adds top end hardness. Very hard now to decide whether to part with 70 bucks or not...
    Perhaps the top end hardness is not quite as high as the roll off? It does seem to me that making the surface harder or softer would have some effect on playback. Groove Glide was supposed to act as a lubricant, and reduce static, while not leaving residue, I don't see how that is possible either. If it absorbs into the vinyl, it could have negative effects that are irreversible. Good or bad, it must have some effect?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Audio Al View Post
    I contacted Paul and he has confirmed that it will be available soon vis MCRU
    Great news!

    I'm on the last drops of mine...

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