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Thread: Phono Stage Shootout

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    I'm Oliver.


    Quote Originally Posted by Marco View Post
    Oliver, I'll take the stance with you that I think is necessary, as I'm owner of this forum, so my decisions are not up for debate. You're certainly taking the wrong stance with me, and a dangerous one, if you value your membership here.

    However, you seem to be one of these folk who go on and on, insisting on things being as YOU say they should be, and don't know when to STFU and respect ultimately who makes the decisions here. Therefore, any further 'backchat' from you will result in a week's holiday, so I suggest that you wind your neck in now and give it a rest.

    Lol STFU?? !!! So, dare to challenge your opinion and all of a sudden your "Championing debate" attitude turns into a threat. Silencing those who disagree with you while you hold power. Moderator/Dictator. (Is this classed as back chat?)

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    As warned, Oliver has been banned [for the duration of a week] for the above post and continually arguing with moderating decisions. In this case, it's not my "opinion" being disputed. Moderating decisions are FINAL, an so not up for 'challenge' or debate. It's as simple as that.

    Some folk need to LEARN that when you're told by a mod or a member of admin that your behaviour is unacceptable, then you gracefully accept that and comply accordingly. There is NO other acceptable reaction!

    Now, I insist that this thread gets back on topic, so any posts which don't comply with that will be removed, without further warning, and those responsible will receive the same fate as Oliver.

    [Admin edit: on reflection, I would apologise for the 'STFU" comment, which I agree was OTT, but arose simply because Oliver was continually arguing, instead of simply complying with my moderating decision].


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