It’s a bit rough around the edges because we are still tinkering with a few graphic themes / corporate image ideas and so on. We wanted to get the back-end (the behind the scenes software engineering that ‘civilians’ don’t get to see) bits right first, resulting in a good first attempt at an uncomplicated visitor navigation.

We have just loaded it with the first 681 articles / posts

AoS forum members can advertise their vintage gear on this new site entirely free of charge i.e. no fees and no commissions whatsoever.

If interested then please click

Currently VAM is part of the parent site Audiophile News & Music Review but in due course this ‘child’ will be a stand-alone site with trade advertisers (possibly) and editorial features about vintage gear and interviews with designers and retailers of vintage gear.

Anyway, what you’ll see is work in progress, albeit functioning correctly, if you click

Thanks / Neil