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Thread: Album Club, May 2017: Paul Simon - 'There Goes Rhymin' Simon'

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    Default Album Club, May 2017: Paul Simon - 'There Goes Rhymin' Simon'

    The Album Club choice for May comes courtesy of Martin (high.spirits) with 'There Goes Rhymin' Simon'. As always, please listen to the album in its entirety before you comment and/or vote.

    My choice this time around is Paul Simon’s “There Goes Rhymin' Simon”.

    This is a bit of trip down memory lane. Paul Simon has been one of my favourite artists for a long time. His original song writing and production makes him just that bit different from the average singer songwriter.

    This is his third solo studio album released on May 5, 1973.

    I like the flow of this album and it has a certain feel good factor.

    It contains songs covering several styles and genres, such as gospel ("Loves Me Like a Rock") and Dixieland ("Take Me to the Mardi Gras").

    In the United Kingdom, the album peaked at #4. Also "Take Me to the Mardi Gras" was released in the UK as a single reaching the Top 20.

    The song "Kodachrome" is named after the Kodak film of the same name. Kodak required the album to note that Kodachrome is a trademark of Kodak. The song was not released as a single in Britain, where it could not be played on BBC radio due to its trademarked name. Crazy or what by today’s standards!

    The song "Was a Sunny Day" has an interesting reference to early rock and roll in the line "She called him Speedo but his Christian name was Mr. Earl" which echoes the chorus from the 1955 song "Speedo" by The Cadillacs: "They often call me Speedo but my real name is Mr. Earl," referring to lead singer, Earl "Speedo" Carroll.'+Simon
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