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Thread: The Good Grado SR80

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    I'm Neil.


    I must say I would never have described Grado's as being forward, compared to other brands of headphones.

    I always felt the SR80s the best value headphones back in the day, before you went over 100.

    I have a pair of Grado SR1000s and they are a tad fussy regarding proper impedance matching. My Audio Valve RKv 2 impedance matcher was a real blessing in getting the most from the Audio Valve headphone amp.
    Regards Neil

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    I'm Shane.


    Happy to report back, the SR60 sound just as good, as the 80's.

    Shane Lonergan........UB1 Birth.

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    I'm danilo.


    Be surprised if they were different as Sr80's Are Sr60's... rebadged.
    Again there are small (1/2 hour DIY ) ,mods to make them more open breathe better that Do make genuine difference.
    Grados are essentially reasonable quality voice coil drivers in a ww2 era housing.
    Tough to fool with the Voice coils . effectively.
    But the Housings? kids have fooled with these happily.
    Google is our friend
    My audio bits: Thorens / diy phono, CD/dvd player(s), diy pre, F6, Tannoy Golds in my boxes / my xovers, and of course all strung together with basic diy Wires
    Lots of Cd's, yet more audio files, a couple of hundred semi worn Lps.

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