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if you have a robust password then you will have no problems i think
It doesn't matter how "robust" your password is if a hacker can actually read it. There's a low probability here, as a hacker would have to intercept the data stream as the password was sent across and capture it, but there are people out there with equipment and determination to do just that. They don't even have to capture the password in a fraction of a second, but could grab a great chunk of data traffic, then analyse it later to gather passwords. They would probably use automatic tools for that. Also, while a single hacker might not be able to do very much, groups of hackers could work in collaboration.

Whether for non critical sites (I'm assuming AoS is one such - do I really care if anyone knows what CDs I like, whether I have any vinyl, what my cartridge preferences are etc.?) hackers could build up information which they would consider useful and use against me or us collectively I don't know.