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Thread: Hypex DLCP (DSP) with 6 Channel UcD Amp Project.

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    Good news.
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    Default Update

    I've now had a good listen to the DLCP and put my analogue active crossover back in the system, I think that says it all!

    The DLCP just doesn't cut it, not bad on digital sources, but my analogue crossover is better.
    With my analogue (vinyl) source it is way behind.

    Just too soft and rounded off for my taste, with a reduction in bass weight.

    I didn't even get to try room correction etc. In a like for like set of basic crossover filters, without any EQ the basic tonality from both set ups was similar, but the digital just sounds flat and lifeless in comparison. Some folks might see it as an acceptable sound, especially if not using vinyl. I feel I have definitely stepped backward and I'm looking to move forward. I tried moving the crossover points and changing the slopes, but they were pretty much optimum where they were. The DLCP just has a signature sound that will not change with minor tweaking and is fundamental to the product.

    Music used:
    Grace Jones-Night Clubbing
    Yello-The Race-45rpm
    "Tracey Chapman"
    Joni Michell-Hissing of Summer Lawns
    London Grammar-If You Wait-45rpm
    Jo Jackson-Night & Day
    Dire Straights-Love Over Gold

    Kenny Burrell-Midnight Blue
    Web Sisters-Savages
    Otis Taylor-Collection
    Laura Mvula-Sing to the Moon
    OMD-English Electric
    Calexico-The Black Light
    Gregory Porter-Take me to the Alley
    Sea Sick Steve-Walkin Man

    Streamed (Deezer)
    Alison Moyet-Other
    B B King-Lets do the Boogie
    Kraftwerk-Minimum Maximum (Live)
    Yello-One Second

    I will mount the DLCP in a case, it will now be relegated to a development tool. When I get the measuring sorted, I will use it to finalise my analogue active set up. I need to reduce the rising response of the ribbon tweeter, a 5dB hump between 7kHz and 24kHz, the DLCP proved very effective at quickly trying this and it was a noticeable improvement. I used the plot from the driver spec sheet for the parameters, measuring real world combined driver response, should give even better results. I've been using the passive filter for the tweeter and it dealt with the hump, but I want to be fully active in the final version, even with the DLCP the ribbon tweeter sounded nicer active (flattened).

    So I tried it and it didn't work as well as I had hoped, moving on to plan B.

    I've now heard the DLCP and several mini-DSP offerings and not liked any of them. Gordon (Halfway tree) uses software based active filters through good quality stand alone ADC and DAC's. His results are a major step up over these one box solutions and I see this as the future for high end DSP.

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