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Thread: Farewell dear Friend

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    I'm Martin.


    Bit shocked by this, I knew he had to go back for more treatment but never realised it was as bad as that, as he never let on.


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    I'm Charlie.


    Very sad news. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP

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    I'm James.


    Very sad, such a generous nice bloke. Hard to believe as I only recently discussed a few things with him.

    My deepest sympathy to his family and friends.
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    I'm Rich.


    Really saddened to hear of this. Nothing but good exchanges with James. A valued member here and elsewhere.

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    I'm Martin.


    sad news feel for his family

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    I'm Loz.


    Very sad news. Condolences to all who knew and loved him.
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    I'm Shane.



    Shane Lonergan.

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    I'm Chris.


    James lived every minute enjoying life. sharing is love of audio,
    being considerate to everyone, and a benchmark for us all to follow.

    RIP Sovereign
    You will never be forgotten.

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    I'm tony.


    My heart is roasted.....My deepest condolences to his family-our community is the worst for his passing.

    Play some music you love and toast his passing with a beverage of your choice.....slange!!!!

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    I'm Robert.


    Sad indeed

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