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Thread: I feel terrible....... Trolls on Forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatmarley View Post
    But it is a friendly forum. They started It as far as I'm aware. Why should Marco sit back and take shit from scum?

    I don't believe in ignoring bullies and that's why my young son does MMA and I tell him off If he allows someone to bully him.
    MMA. Id been practicing for years before a self caused injury retired me. Id recommend it to anyone. Especially those with confidence issues.

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    Sorry, haven't read all of the preceding 330 posts, but trolls don't usually last long here ime. So, just to say that I prefer this site to others because of the standard and consistency of the moderation .... and a huge thank you to Marco and all the moderators, for making this a pleasant and interesting place to learn about our hobby
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigman80 View Post
    Simon, youre in the right place here. This is a great forum with a lot of really great people.
    This is a great and friendly forum. The only risk I here is feeling the urge to buy a Technics 1200 and work your way through the complete upgrade path. Its rewarding, but its a process...

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    I'm givingyouaprettygoodclue.


    A few years back I began dabbling on 5 forums and after a while narrowed down to just this one. Amongst other reasons the effective moderation here was a factor. It strikes me as a bit like running a pub - a capable landlord sets the tone, let the tone slip and its hard to rein it back.

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