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Thread: I feel terrible....... Trolls on Forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatmarley View Post
    But it is a friendly forum. They started It as far as I'm aware. Why should Marco sit back and take shit from scum?

    I don't believe in ignoring bullies and that's why my young son does MMA and I tell him off If he allows someone to bully him.
    MMA. Id been practicing for years before a self caused injury retired me. Id recommend it to anyone. Especially those with confidence issues.

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    Sorry, haven't read all of the preceding 330 posts, but trolls don't usually last long here ime. So, just to say that I prefer this site to others because of the standard and consistency of the moderation .... and a huge thank you to Marco and all the moderators, for making this a pleasant and interesting place to learn about our hobby
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigman80 View Post
    Simon, youre in the right place here. This is a great forum with a lot of really great people.
    This is a great and friendly forum. The only risk I here is feeling the urge to buy a Technics 1200 and work your way through the complete upgrade path. Its rewarding, but its a process...

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    A few years back I began dabbling on 5 forums and after a while narrowed down to just this one. Amongst other reasons the effective moderation here was a factor. It strikes me as a bit like running a pub - a capable landlord sets the tone, let the tone slip and its hard to rein it back.

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    Cheers, guys. We do our best to make the vibe here as friendly, fun and informative as we can, and run the forum in a way which best facilitates that, whilst remaining as true as possible to our core subjectivist ethos.

    The comparison with a pub landlord is valid, as much like a capable one, focussed on maintaining the desired atmosphere in his or her establishment, the mod team and I actively operate a zero tolerance policy on out-and-out irritants/trolls, or those determined to flout the type of behaviour (considerate towards and tolerant of others) we insist upon from members of AoS.

    Therefore, those who think that they're entitled to 'do what they like', regardless, can find themselves another pub!


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