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Thread: Naim Statement In The Building + Expansion Update!

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    Default Naim Statement In The Building + Expansion Update!

    Hi All,

    It was a big day yesterday as Naim delivered and installed the Statement so that it will be nicely warmed up ahead of our Naim Lounge launch event in a weeks time, it has been constantly on since arriving but I havenít hooked anything up to it yet, in fact I still havenít played any music yet in the new rooms, but that is the plan for today, to hook up our NDS/555 to the Statement with a pair of Sopra No2′s to see how it sounds, all very exciting :-)

    It has been a while since I have updated how the new rooms are coming along, well they have been a hive of activity for weeks now but the end really is in sight, in reality we could probably have done with a couple more weeks as they wonít be 100% finished but will be very close, this coming week should hopefully see it all come together. For now we have decided to focus on the new Naim room and we can finish off the Highend Room shortly after, so on Tuesday all the acoustic treatment will be arriving from Artnovion who are based in Portugal, looking forward to receiving this as it should look pretty cool and really help the rooms to sound excellent, to be fair though when the carpetís went down the sound improved dramatically to a point where they actually sound pretty good so I can only imagine how good it will all sound once the treatment is in place. Then on Wednesday all the Naim Art is arriving which will really make the room look amazing as at the moment it is just a blank canvas and finally next week all the Quadraspire racking will be arriving for the Highend Room and we have the glass etcher coming in to hopefully get the sign writing done for the glass doors, phew next week is looking busy.

    I think the main parts that wonít be ready are the new blinds for Naim room and we are talking with Vescom regarding acoustic curtains to help with all the glass but it looks like they will be ready just after the event, so next week looks like a week of finishing decorating, hanging wall art and acoustic panels and just adding the finishing touches, oh yes and there will be the small point of PMC delivering the speakers for the launch event :-)

    I have to say it has been much more work than I originally anticipated, when the barns came up between HFL and HH I thought simply ĎYes weíll take them oní and thought nothing more but in reality it was a lot of work but I always knew it would be worth it in the end so now I canít wait for the launch event on April 22nd.

    We have had an amazing response with people registering for the launch event and luckily as these new rooms are a fair bit bigger than our other showrooms weíll be able to fit quite a few people in at a time to listen to the Statement and I have just checked the weather and it is looking like it will be dry so we can open up the gardens.

    Anyway, back to work, time to hook up the NDS/555 to the Statement to see how it all sounds, donít think Iíll be going home much over Easter :-)

    Hope to see you at the launch event on April 22nd, if you havenít yet registered please just fire an e-mail over to me at paul@hifilounge.co.uk, thanks.

    Donít forget Naim are donating a Muso Qb for a raffle so if you come along you could be walking home with that at the end of the day, canít be bad :-)

    Please find a few pictures below of the Statement install.



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    I've heard it in a room ten times the size and full of rows of people and it sound magnificent
    The speakers were different but the scale and sheer power was awesome (and I rarely use that word) like the amps had several more gears they could move through ..

    It'll be mental listening to that set-up in a normal sized room
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