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Thread: Decca on an LP 12

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    I have used my Decca on a few arms and IMHO it sounds best on a damped unipivot. It's currently on a Kuzma Stogi S arm, but also sounded great on my Hadcock. It worked pretty well on my Jelco with damping fluid, not so well on a Technoarm. I suspect Deccas won't be an ideal match for your Syrinx. I had the Hadcock combination on a STD 305M (very similar to a Linn) and it was a good combination

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    Many thanks all. Lots to ponder. I guess the total price that I can get the Decca and arm for will also play a role. Another question that has come to mind: I assume none of the arms mentioned will be too heavy for the Linn's suspension?

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    I have fitted various Notts arms on LP12s with no problem. Also Hadcocks and Aros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiveDeepDog View Post
    I bought LP12/Aro primarily for the Aro.

    IMO uni's on a suspended deck is an accident waiting to happen and the Aro was quickly moved onto Garrard 301. A much more stable platform without an arm lifting device.
    Don't understand your concerns with the unipivot arms and a suspended deck
    The Aro and lp12 is a classic combo... why is it an accident waiting to happen ?
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