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Thread: Headphones advice

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    I really like those cheap AKG they sell in Richers. On ear design and a pair goes in my work bag. Travelled all over with them.

    For more critical listening I have some Audio Technica ATHm50x. They can get a bit uncomfortable after a long while but maybe that's just my massive noggin.

    For the money though both the AKG and AT offerings at that price are worth a look.
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    Thanks for that Pete. Good to know someone is listening ,
    Quote Originally Posted by clarkey555 View Post
    I have been using beyer dynamic dt 770 pro 80ohm cans for years and love them heartily recommended.
    Btw brilliant work on ARFM keep them coming dude
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichB View Post
    I really like those cheap AKG they sell in Richers.
    If you mean the AKG Y50 at 39, I would heartily agree :

    I use them when I'm on the go or on holiday - the closed back design doesn't annoy anyone sitting next to you.

    For home use, I prefer Grado myself and run a pair of SR80s through a dual mono headphone amp and they sound stunning
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    Another vote for Sennheisers, I have the HD 600's and love them. A smooth listen, nice and warm but with plenty of detail, this combined with great comfort means I can - and do - happily listen to them for hours on end.

    As previously mentioned though, they are open back so might not be any good if you intend to use them in the same room as another. Also not sure what you class as inexpensive, compared to the AKG's above they're certainly not, compared to HD800's they definitely are!

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