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Thread: What Is Your Favourite Bit of Kit?

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    I'm Geoff.

    Default What Is Your Favourite Bit of Kit?

    This is a hard one for me. I love my whole system.

    The Tannoys bring me huge pleasure, as does my amazingly capable Monarchy Audio gear. I'm very fond of the remarkably good Pioneer PD-S505 Precision CD players. The 774 arm is a class act on my turntable.

    The recently purchased Quad 306 power amp and vintage KEF Corelli speakers have proved to be excellent.

    Hmm, It's got to be the irreplaceable MingDa MC-9 TVC pre-amp I think. What this does with music astonishes me each time I connect it into the system.

    What are you favourites?

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Impossible to say - like you, I love my whole system.
    Have you listened to this month's choice in the Album Club?


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    I'm Oliver.


    Thats a tough question.

    The thing that brings me the most satisfaction is the Pioneer CS-77A speakers. They looks so good but sound even better. I must admit, the graft it took to get them up to scratch probably lends a lot to my feelings towards them.

    The Firebottle Monoblocks and FB-OTP are the biggest jump in quality.

    The one item I wouldn't be happy parting with though is the TT.

    The Mission arm is an absolute beast and I am convinced ot cant be beat for sensible money, the ZYX is the best cartridge ive either owned or heard. And the Toshiba SR370 just looks the bollocks and does everything right. Ill never let the TT go so thats my fave.

    Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
    Analogue: Technics SP10 MK2 > Phonomac AT-1010 tonearm > Ortofon Kontrapunkt b > Wizard Jfet MC Valve Phonostage (Telefunken Valves)
    Digital: Firebottle modded Xiang Sheng DAC (Telefunken Valve)
    Amplification: Slagle AVC Passive Preamp & Firebottle Monoblocks (Telefunken Valves)
    Cables: Fisual S-Flex Speaker Cable & SPOTFIRE IC Cables Throughout
    Speakers: Pioneer CS-77A

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    I'm jamie.


    and me,i love my turntable
    My System/ Yamaha NS1000M speakers ,Pioneer PLC-590 turntable,Pioneer PA-5000,Alphason HR-100S-MCS,Zeta tonearms,Denon 103SA Cartridge's,Denon HA-500 Head Amp, John Wood KT88 Valve Amp,Sony 700ES Amp,Sony X555ES CD Player, Nakamichi ca5 pre amp ,

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    I'm Mike.


    Like you guys i am very pleased with my whole setup right now.
    But if i only got to keep one particular piece it'd be the power amp, my Karan KA S270. The most hard to give up item would be my Orbe SE!

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    I'm Geoff.


    Quote Originally Posted by Bigman80 View Post
    Ill never let the TT go so thats my fave.

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    I'm Dan.


    Bit of tough one

    Everything i have i love - The Sony La Scala system with Electrostatics - sub 2000 when new
    Tannoy 615 MK2 - Rare Beasts not seen often
    Audio Note ANJ/D
    Aristons - RD 80 & 40's both with Linn tonearms
    Both Rega's - Both Precision Pioneers
    Thorens - TD 125 - SME Arm & Plinth - Sony TA&ST 88 - SS-70's
    Collection is substantial and i adore and very lucky to own - i have a lot more too see signatures for details

    But very fond of the lower end market too which i love to play around with amazing what you can do if you search for it
    Main System
    Musical Fidelity E100 Amplifier & Mission 770 Freedom Speakers - Linn Interconnects & Van Den Hul Cables Speaker Cable..
    Vinyl :
    Rega Planar 2 / RB250 / Ortofon OM Super 10 / VDH Oil Bearing Upgrade / Roksan R Mat

    Second System:
    Technics 909U Pre / 909S Power Amplifiers / Celestion A1 Compact / Sony CD S1 / Thorens TD125 / SME 3009 / Shure V15 T2 / Cambridge Interconnects

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    I'm Matt.


    My Graaf GM50 amp. The only thing I've heard that beats it is a Vitus Audio amp at a price I doubt I'd ever be able to afford.
    Mind you, my Orbe would also be nigh-impossible to replace.
    And then my Modded Jolida DAC makes digital music sound spot on.

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    I'm Phil.


    my speakers currently . they have been a Godsend after being forced to relinquish my beautiful martin logan summit x
    1]bel canto pre 3 vbs /MSB s200 , / Marantz sa8005/ bel canto fm1
    sonos, . tannoy eaton legacy 2]velleman 8020 pre , firebottle mono`s onkyo sacd bel canto 3.5vbss and RFC impulse ta`us , track audio stands

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    I'm paul.


    I am content with my complete set up but as I built my turntable plinth and arm board, then it has to be the Denon DP80 with Stax UA-70 arm.
    Sony STR 6055 Denon DP80 Stax UA-70 Shure Ultra 500 Zu omen Decca C4E currently in residence

    Office system, DIY CSS fullrange speakers with aurum cantus G2 ribbons Najda dsp as dac Akai AM-U02 Jvc QL-A51 direct drive turntable
    SAE1000LT leema sub. JVC Z4S cart is in the house

    Garage system another Sony receiver, cassette deck and full range drivers in free air

    System components are subject to change without warning and at the discretion of the owner.

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