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Thread: Maybe you all know - R3 FLAC streaming

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    I'm Rob.


    Quote Originally Posted by JimC View Post
    Hi Rob, thanks for this effort.

    Can you let me know (for a real computer thicky) what I actually need to type as the URL?
    There seems to be some type, then a link and then some further type.
    I use JRiver and that has an ''Open URL'' tab which I use for my Internet listening and am hoping your endeavours will let me type a URL into it.
    Hi James

    I'd be surprised if JRiver can handle this stream - it's all pretty new stuff, codec-wise. However, give it a go. Here's the bit of the URL that follows the https:// part:


    Hopefully this site won't mangle that!

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    I'm James.


    Hi Rob,

    you're right, JRiver doesn't know what to do with it !! Ah well, never mind.
    Thanks anyway.
    I can still listen via JRiver using the BBC web-site and the ''Open Live'' option. If I set Windows to 48kHz then there'll be no up/down-sampling being done and I should get the full benefit.



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