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I received my Eikonas today and fitted them into the VTL cabs after the rebate had been enlarged for the new driver. Only played them for an hour but initial impressions are good. Bass goes deeper and they are very smooth at the top. Actually I'm finding them too smooth at the moment, the JX92's have more life but of course they can shout a bit on some material. Early days but I think I'm going to enjoy them.

Interesting that the old driver (left) appears to have a bigger magnet than the new Eikona.

In reply to your comment about the smoother top on the Eikonas, from my own experience it depends a lot on what you are driving them with. When I first got my VTLs I was driving them with a Yamaha AS501 amp which although it gave a pretty decent overall sound I did feel it a little lacking at the top end, hence my recent acquisition of a Cambridge CXA60, this has proved to be a noticeable improvement (and so it should be, being almost 3 times the price) particularly giving back the treble level that seemed lacking with the Yamaha as well as giving an across the board improvement in detail and better bass grip. The Eikonas deserve the best amplification to really show the breadth of their abilities.

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