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This turned out to be a little lesson for me. Checking out music on my headphones during my lunch break is far from ideal. At home with lights down and a nice glass of the red stuff is more like it. I really enjoyed this album, coming alive on my HiFi at home as opposed to rather dull on the headphones. Great textures, great musicianship. The vocal tracks grabbed me less so but it's going to get further listens so I may change opinion on that part.

I used to have an EP of theirs years ago called 'Diabolus'. Terrific track. Anyway listening to this prompted me to pull out some other stuff from that time in my life when I was listening this kind of thing such as Red Snapper, Thievery Corporation, Fila Brasillia etc. All good stuff.

Thanks for the suggestion Neil. A very good record. I'll give it a limp 5/10 on my lunch break! But a sparkling 9/10 on the sofa in the sweet spot.


Great you had an about face with it. Ahhh yes Thievery Corporation very nice.