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Thread: Panasonic TV Power Supply, Fuse Upgrade?

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    Default Panasonic TV Power Supply, Fuse Upgrade?


    Unscrewed the cover off my 2015 Panasonic.CX802B. Looking at the bottom of the photo you can see where the AC power (fig 8) socket is on the PCB. What is a little disappointing is that I can't upgrade the fuse easily. To upgrade would involve taking the small risk of unsoldering the ceramic fuse to put in socket for a 20mm fuse which would then enable me to put in a quality silver one.

    I may settle for just an upgraded power cable. For this I plan to by an Audioquest 90-degree fig adatpor (C7 90) becaus the TV is hung on the wall, with a gap of just 6cm. Then I plan to make my own braided silver wire and teflon power cable. I will share the results soon.

    Has anyone else done this or other upgrades to their TV PSU?
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