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Thread: Cheap speaker cable, worth minor upgrade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by icehockeyboy View Post
    Do people actually part with their hard earned on the QED SA?
    Despite all the negative comments about it on forums like this one?

    See my post above!

    I'm​ beginning to think that QED must have a very large marketing (bribery) budget to get good reviews from hifi magazines.

    Lesson learned. I'm after some Van Damme to try next I think...

    At the very least it was illuminating of the difference cables can make to the sound.

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    If they have any left, I highly recommend this: http://www.vickershifi.com/products/...-speaker-cable

    I've used loads of different cables, but this is superb. Trouble is, I may have had the last that was offered here a while back.
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    Mark Grant sells the Van Damme cable. Its what I use. Excellent stuff. Mark (if you don't already know) is a lovely person to deal with and will terminate them professionally.

    I use two lengths of 2.4 for each channel which are twisted together... Amazing!

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    Thanks Josie, but I'm a sucker for 2nd hand bargains - just picked some up for cheaps on the bay of dreams!

    Has to better than the QED SA, but it will be interesting to see if I can discern any difference against the Gale 189 stuff I'm using currently...


    The Van Damme Hi-Fi stuff arrived: I listened to my previous speaker cable on a few reference tracks before swapping it over as quickly as I could and then listening to these same tracks again. The QED SA was an obvious change (for the worse), and this change was more subtle, probably due to it being a similar gauge and construction copper cable as my Gale 189 XL, but I do think that I can hear a slight improvement in the definition of bass and clarity of the midrange (vocals). Pleased with the swap anyhow.
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