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Thread: Ex-Dem Miyajima Cartridges

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    I'm Tom.


    Just to add the verdict is in on this I didn't want to hijack Hugo's thread but the link is here http://theartofsound.net/forum/showt...522#post888522
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    I'm Hugo.


    I have just reduced the prices of some ex-demonstration Miyajima cartridges and SUTs in the shop:

    Kansui Stereo - https://ammonite-audio.co.uk/product...rtridge-exdem/

    Shilabe Stereo - https://ammonite-audio.co.uk/product...artridge-copy/

    ETR-KSW Stereo SUT - https://ammonite-audio.co.uk/product...p-transformer/

    Other Clearance Bargains:

    Black Rhodium Foxtrot Speaker Cable, 4m single run pair, 4mm z-plugs, now just 159 - https://ammonite-audio.co.uk/product...speaker-cable/

    SOLD Jelco SA-750L 12" Tonearm, Grey, brand new, 495 - https://ammonite-audio.co.uk/product...-12-tonearm-2/ SOLD

    All prices include UK VAT and UK postage.
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