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Thread: Describe differences in LP playback vs CD playback

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    Default Describe differences in LP playback vs CD playback

    I have yet to meet a person who, upon listening to the same track on LP and then on CD, would exclaim: "These two playbacks sound EXACTLY the same!" (providing, of course, that the LP is in tip top shape, no pops and clicks, minimal surface noise). I would venture out to say that pretty much anyone can easily hear the difference in sound quality between LP and CD playbacks (all other things being the equal, of course).

    This being the case, I now wish to ask you to provide a description of how does LP playback sound to you when compared to CD playback. I'm not aiming at ascertaining which format is better or worse, or which format is more realistic etc., merely trying to get a feel for how people experience two formats, in terms of attributes. What I'm looking for is descriptions such as "LP sounds like eating a messy burrito, CD sounds like eating a bucket of caviar."

    OK, let me go first:

    - LP sounds like driving a speedboat, CD sounds like enjoying a cruise ship

    Your turn...
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    LP sound like proper engaging music

    CD ( Compromised Discs ) sound thin and lifeless
    Music , fills the gaps between silence !

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    LP v CD - it's like comparing apples with oranges

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    I have to get off my arse at least twice as often when playing LPs compared to CD.

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    CD - lifeless.
    LP - natural.

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    LP "fluffy bunnies"
    CD "furry hamsters"

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    CD: This sounds great!
    LP: This sounds just as great!

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    LP - The guts and glory of a V8 engine on full chat
    CD- The clinical sterility of an IBM clean room
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