Now that I have sold the Croft Power 7 I am having a clear out of the valves that I accumulated over the years - 9 in total.

Please note I have no way to test these but they all worked fine when installed in the Croft but many of them have been lying in a box for a number of years so cannot be sure if they are still OK.

First a group shot:

Mullard ECC82 unboxed:

JG-5751 unboxed:

Mullard ECC82 - boxed:

Mullard ECC82 - boxed:

GE 12BH7A - orange box:

GE 12BH7A - white box:

GE 12BH7A - grey box:

GE 12BH7A - grey box 2:

Full Music 12AX7 - boxed:

I'd prefer to sell these as a job lot so priced to sell (I hope) at 60 delivered via RM signed for second class - Paypal/bank transfer and UK only.