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Thread: Any Luxman or Accuphase owners?

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    From my own experience, and from what I have seen in repairing Luxman equipment over the years, [the original stuff from the 1970's on etc] I can vouch for their exceptional build quality, and reliability.
    Not familier with the modern stuff though.
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    I have a luxman LV103, a modest 65W with valves in the pre amp stage, worked well with a pair of Tannoy Dc6, Triangle Comptes and Snell jii. Did not work so well with Heybroke Sextets which just seemed a bit too laid back with the amp. The phono stage is very good on MM (not tried the MC). I think you get a big sound with excellent sound stage and refined detail, definitely tames any harsh treble which is why i think it worked so well with the DC6 and Comptes.

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    I had an E302 for a while but it had a noisy pre amp section. I still liked it even with that issue and would love to have another one, or better still a later model.

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    I've owned a lot of Accuphase equipment mainly because I used to import and sell it second hand until 2009. It is fantastic, well engineered equipment and very popular in Germany.

    For me they started to churn out too many new models too quickly. If you can pick up some of the late 90s to 2000s gear second hand it is very much worth it.





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